You Are More Creative Than You Think

If you consider yourself a creative person…but don’t often find yourself doing creative things.

If you walk through craft shows and art galleries thinking “I could do that…” but don’t.

If you wish you could (for once!) finish something you’ve started.

If you’re just looking for a new way to see the world; you know there’s something deeper, richer, brighter, out there, but don’t know where to look for it.

I’ve been there. I get it. I want to in green skirt 4

I believe that every person has a world of creativity inside them, and that, with practice, this world can be accessed every day, on demand. I’d like to take you on a journey to discover your creative self – your truest self – and to find your way home.

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Next, check out my workshops. I teach artistic techniques in a very unique, very accessible way. I keep class sizes small so that I can give you personal attention and guide you from coming up with an idea to finishing the project, surrounded by good people, in a warm and welcoming environment. In each of the courses you will learn about the creative process and how to start something, and then finish it!

If you want more inspiration, have a look through my studio, where I show off the artwork that I make. I use accessible, self-taught techniques, I work in my living room, and I use a lot of recycled materials. In other words, I make pretty things that you can learn to make too. I will soon be selling them here.

Finally, there’s my blog where you can follow along on all my creative adventures. I would love to hear about your creative experiences in the comments section of each blog post.

Stephanie MedfordBio: 

Stephanie is an artist, designer, writer, and traveler. She earned a BA from the University of Alberta with a major in drama and a minor in art, though she taught herself most of what she knows about making things. During her dramatic phase she acted in and designed the sets for several student and semi-professional productions, and wrote a play that was produced twice. Lately she gets her performance kicks shimmying her heart out in belly dance classes and student shows. For three years she kept herself busy creating postcards and prints that depicted her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Though she has decided to move on to other projects, you can see the prints and read about her love for that city at Having made travel a priority in her life, Stephanie has spent months living in rural Quebec, New York City, and Edinburgh Scotland. She once drove in a giant circle around the United States, touching 34 states in 2 months, and most recently spent 10 months exploring Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, learning traditional weaving techniques and generally discovering who she really wanted to be. Her artwork is driven by her sense of discovery and exploration, and usually features a map or two. She has been obsessed with tapping into her creativity since a very young age: she has vivid memories of trying (and failing) to write a novel at the age of 8, along with many other grand schemes and dreams. Through the ups and downs of creative feasting and artistic droughts, she has learned to build a vibrant, beautiful life and her current mission is to share what she has learned through her artwork, workshops, and blog.

Stephanie Medford