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Light Installation - ZoominescenceWhat a wonderful way to finish 2016 - with a project that I'm super proud of and can't stop talking about. I was happy to partner with the Dying Light Collective, partly because I got to work with my partner, Matt, and partly because they were able to make it look a lot better than I would have on my own. I was in charge of building the sculpture and they made the lights run.

Our local Edmonton Valley Zoo has been hosting a winter light festival called Zoominescence for a few years, but this was the first year they invited artists to submit projects. We sent in a proposal back in July and were pretty excited when it was accepted.

Our idea was to build a large anatomical heart with light flowing in and out of it to represent blood. The theme that they gave us was renewable energy so we wanted to set up a mechanism where people would generate the power needed to run the lights. It didn't turn out exactly how we wanted but we were still happy with it in the end. (more…)

installation at Kaleido FestivalI just spent my weekend doing what I love more than almost anything: creating a piece of art that inspired wonder and joy in the people who saw it. I worked with my friend, Kristi Gurski, to create an art installation on a lamppost as part of Kaleido Family Arts Festival's '24-Hour Deck Out a Lamppost Competition.' It was a lot of work but I was so happy with how it turned out and I would do it all again to see the way peoples' faces lit up when they caught sight of it.

Last year I wrote about Kaleido Festival and how much I love the lamppost installations that artists do every year. It's wonderful to see what artists do with such specific constraints, and how much the installations help to transform the festival grounds into something magical and unexpected. Since I was working for the festival, last year I threw together a quick installation but this year I decided to do it right. I asked Kristi, who has done two lamppost installations in the past, to join me and was so glad that she said yes.

Read on to learn about how we came up with our ideas, how we put it together, and what I learned in the process. (more…)

organizing my studio

"To have a sacred place is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so, where you do not know who your friends are, you don't know what you owe anybody or what they owe you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be." Joseph Campbell

My sacred space has been a long time coming. I've lived in my current home for almost two years and have been using a very quick and dirty organizational system in the spare bedroom that I use as a studio. It was always messy because so many things didn't have homes. It was hard to find things and hard to keep track of what I had. And every time I taught a workshop I had to pull supplies out of many different spots and then put them back afterward (which usually doesn't happen for a few weeks.)

Every time I move to a new home and have to set up a new studio, it takes some time to figure out, to find a rhythm and a system. Finally, after a few days of knee-deep hard work, a lot of help from my partner and months of tweaking, my studio feels clean, functional, and inspiring. I walk by and can't wait to get in there and start making something.


encouraging bannerLast fall, after I published my Role Models post on Miranda July, my mom and I were talking about Miranda's project, Learning to Love you More, which was a list of assignments that people could complete and post to the website. Specifically, my mom brought up assignment #63: Make an encouraging banner and hinted that she would love if someone made one for her. I took the hint and scheduled it as a Mother's Day gift.

Deciding what the banner should say was pretty easy. I wrote down a few statements, but the one I kept coming back to is something that my mom and I talk about frequently: You know what to do. Sometimes we feel confused and think we don't know what direction to go next, but the truth is that deep down we really do know what to do. We just have to learn to trust that knowledge. (more…)

necklace hangerBack before I started trying to make a living from art, I used to make crafty projects all the time. Lately, though, making pieces to sell takes precedence over making things for other people or just for the fun of it. I want to prioritize at least a little bit of my time for fun projects so I'm going to try to do one every month, usually to give away. This month, I'm starting with a necklace hanger for my bedroom, which we're in the process of redecorating.

necklace hanger

I've accumulated a lot of necklaces in the last couple of years and they were starting to get hopelessly tangled in my jewellery box. Back in high school, I had made hangers for my necklaces and earrings and wanted to do something similar—if a little more sturdy. Those early versions were made of foam core that I stuck pins in but for this one I used a piece of particle board that I had leftover from another project. For my 1.0 versions, I had covered the foam core in collages made from fashion magazines, so that was my first idea for this one as well. I looked up 'necklace hanger' on Pinterest to see if I could find anything more interesting and, while there were some great ideas, most were a variation on this branch theme and a bit plain for me. I wanted colour in mine and a feminine touch. (more…)