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encouraging bannerLast fall, after I published my Role Models post on Miranda July, my mom and I were talking about Miranda's project, Learning to Love you More, which was a list of assignments that people could complete and post to the website. Specifically, my mom brought up assignment #63: Make an encouraging banner and hinted that she would love if someone made one for her. I took the hint and scheduled it as a Mother's Day gift.

Deciding what the banner should say was pretty easy. I wrote down a few statements, but the one I kept coming back to is something that my mom and I talk about frequently: You know what to do. Sometimes we feel confused and think we don't know what direction to go next, but the truth is that deep down we really do know what to do. We just have to learn to trust that knowledge. (more…)

sea balls

My contribution to the installations

I spent the last couple of months working for one of my favourite events here in Edmonton. The Kaleido Family Arts Festival is an exuberant celebration of the arts that happens over a weekend in September every year. It started as a way to help make the neighbourhood safer and friendlier to artists and families. After 10 years it continues to grow, with music, dance, circus, theatre, art installations, and more. When they asked me to coordinate their installation competitions, I jumped at the chance to be part of something that I believe so strongly in. (more…)

creative livingOne of my favourite ways to stay inspired is to read about how other people put their creativity into practice and learn to live creative lives. On the first Friday of each month I'll be interviewing someone who is letting their creative light shine. Hopefully these folks will inspire you as much as they inspire me. 

I met Tatiana in an online business course and was captivated by her passion for movement. We've shared plenty of creative struggles over early bird specials at the Sugar Bowl here in Edmonton and I always learn plenty from our talks.

What sort of creative work do you do?

I'm a choreographer and a dance teacher, but I get up to many different things in the realm of dance. I work both independently and with a dance studio in the Edmonton area. My specialization is in contemporary dance, but I also have training in musical theatre, Ukrainian dance, and various other styles of dance that tend to show up in my work when I least expect it! (more…)