creative adventuring edmonton workshop

Let’s go for a wander around the neighborhood to see what we can discover. Open up your eyes and ears to the creative inspiration that is all around you.

Pay attention

How often do you stop to notice the tree growing in front of your house, or patterns in the sidewalk outside your office? We are constantly surrounded by creative inspiration: we just have to learn to slow down and pay attention to it.

In this workshop, we will go for a walk outside and learn to pay close attention to our surroundings. We will work on finding images, objects, sounds, and smells, and learn different ways to record them. Then we’ll go back inside and use what we found to create an expressive piece of art.

The workshops are 2.5 hours long and held either in my home or yours in order to create a cozy atmosphere, and to reinforce the fact that no special studio space is required to play with art. When I am hosting I also provide healthy vegetarian snacks and herbal tea. Occasionally I run the workshop as part of an event such as the Edmonton Resilience Festival, or a local market.

All ages and abilities are welcome. All materials will be provided, though you can bring your favorite notebook and pen or pencil – smartphones and cameras welcome but not necessary.

Let go of judgment

I think that one of the biggest obstacles to creativity is our natural inclination to judge everything we make. While we are exploring we practice non-judgment, or mindfulness, which means recording things as we see or experience them, without deciding if they’re good or bad, ugly or beautiful. We then carry that non-judgment into our work and learn to create for fun rather than to impress people.

Upcoming Workshop

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Also available

Learn in your own home! I am currently taking registrations for home parties for summer and fall. Perfect for birthday parties, stagettes, showers or other gatherings with friends. Email me at for details.